Why Should I Work Harder?

A series for those journeying through family business succession.

How ‘hard’ should you work in a family business as a member of the next generation? The answer is usually, ‘As hard as I need you to’ — if you ask the incumbent leaders. But normally the question is not even considered and that’s where the problems start.

For me, how ‘hard’ someone works comes down to their commitment to growing the business and their willingness to put in that extra mile to make it a success.

This is not normally an issue of ‘hours invested’ with the next generation, but rather an issue of the incumbent leadership team allowing them to take ‘ownership’ of a project and deliver it the way they would like to.

An Invaluable Resource — ‘Transition — Orienteering The Lands of Succession’

A Topographical Guide To Orienteering Family Business Succession



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