The Roadmap to Exceptional Leadership

The success of your business starts and finishes with your capability as a business leader, and the ceiling to your business’s success is the capability of your weakest leader.

Your business’s success starts and finishes with your capability as a business leader– and the success of the next generation of your business will depend upon the capability of the leaders you invest in today. Do you read widely? Do you constantly seek to take your business to new heights? Are you continually feeding you and your business’s creativity and passion? Do you wake up every morning energised and ask yourself: What is it we are going to do better today? Then do you ensure that you put those ideas to work? Are you challenged by change and hide from it? Or is change trying to keep pace with you, as you are always one step ahead of it?

If you are committed to making your business more successful every day, then you must invest in it every day. If that is to happen then you must invest in yourself and your leadership team’s capability every day. Do you have an effective action plan that allows you to identify areas for growth in your leadership’s performance, particularly those that directly impact the success of your business? Every day as a leader you must be focused on improving your leadership in a way that sets new heights for the performance of your business.

There is a journey for leadership performance that you may walk yourself through and –when completed — you should start again. It is a continuous never-ending journey and each time you walk through it you are seeking to take your understanding, insights and capability to the next level. And through this, the performance of your business will also reach new heights.

Here is the roadmap for this journey:

1. Find the right business for you.

2. Develop your leadership traits.

3. Establish purpose and vision aligned with customer need.

4. Seed, mould and build the right culture for your business.

5. Build an intimate understanding of customers and their needs.

6. Develop and invest in the competencies to deliver on customer needs.

7. Build trust with all who work with your business and invest in them — your employees and others.

8. Craft and deliver the right rewards to motivate and build momentum.

9. Eliminate barriers to success.

Then start all over again.

Worthy leadership is an art, as is the creation and growth of a successful business. There is no scientific formula to be followed that will guarantee success. Rather, there are basic skills, which are to be attained and practised until mastered. This will take a lifetime and more. Enjoy your leadership journey.

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