The Quintessential Nature Of Non-Greed In Business — Putting Others First.

Dr Richard Shrapnel PhD
2 min readMay 31, 2024


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An Organisation that practices non-greed is one that is focused on bringing its real competitive potential to the forefront in meeting the needs of the community it serves.

It strives to outcompete all others by delivering greater customer value. And recognises that greater profits will be only one of the outcomes achieved and not the most important. The most important will be the creation of a competitively-fit organisation that will thrive on an enduring basis.

They also recognise that allowing a profit-first motive to rule will only seed self-interest, politics and short-termism, which will neutralise and disperse its competitive strength.

The practice of non-greed will deliver more than what the practice of greed could ever achieve.

If you’re in business and you’re thinking about profit, it will deliver more profits than you otherwise would have gained. If you’re organization is seeking to have impact in a community, it will deliver a greater impact than you otherwise would have achieved. Businesses, organizations, teams — the practice of non-greed just lifts that potential to the forefront and allows it to be applied. It is about unleashing the potential that exists.

You will achieve a new level of performance which you otherwise would never have attained, probably can’t even see or imagine. It’s going to allow you to achieve a lot more, a lot more quickly, and on an enduring and compounding basis.

But what is at the core of non-greed? What is the one essential element that will allow non-greed to flourish and outshine greed? The answer is simple, and it is ‘putting others first, ahead of your self-interest’.

This act of putting others first starts with worthy leaders who recognise that the success of any organisation lies in being able to bring to bear the real and complete talent and effort of every person who works within and with their organisation. And it is through the lens and application of the competitive engine that this potential will be realised. And it starts with being willing to put others first.

Here is a brief video clip that speaks into this theme: