‘The Practice Of Non-Greed In Business’

Dr Richard Shrapnel PhD
2 min readApr 8, 2024
An Active Knowledge Event Series Presentation

The greatest fallacy our our time is that business exist to profit (profiteer). Make profit your prime motive and your will spend every day solving problems, fighting fires and listening to everyone else’s complaints. But understand how to make your business competitively-fit and profit will be a natural outcome, and all the problems that a ‘profit-first’ motive creates will disappear.

Businesses are made to Compete. Understand what that means, make that the motive of your business, and your business will never be the same. Your mantra will become ‘Profit Is Not Our Motive, We’re Here To Compete’, and an entirely new level of performance will become real.

Greed comes in many forms, shapes and sizes but its one attribute is that it stifles talent, contribution and potential. It is a motive that disperses and neutralises performance.

Chasing profit only seeds ‘less profit’ and weakens the symbiotic relationship that exists between organisations and the communities in which they exist.

It all starts with Motive. Motive is everything. What’s yours? What ceiling to your success have you set?

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‘The Practice Of Non-Greed’ event series explores the competitive engine that exists in every organisation and each of its components including motive, purpose, leadership, relationships, vision, culture, capability, customers, strategy, barriers and rewards. And how they all integrate together into one engine that will lift performance to an entirely new level. The first of the explanatory videos can be viewed via the link below.