The Most Important Step In Realising Potential Is Language

Dr Richard Shrapnel PhD
2 min readFeb 5, 2023


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Reflection … December 2022 — January 2023

Over these two months, we will ask you to consider one question.

Active Knowledge Question:

Are you drawing the real potential that exists in your people, and in yourself, to the forefront and applying it to a righteous cause?

And in responding to this question, we will consider four key themes — Potential — Righteousness — Impossible — Language — and their role in bringing unrealised potential to the forefront for you personally and in your business.

Have You Ever Listened To The Conversations In Your Business?

Words can renew, restore, incentivise, release, unearth or simply close down and crush. Real potential is only realised when the right words and language are dominant in corporate speak, every conversation and the thoughts of every individual.

I believe one single wrong or misspoken word can destroy a 1000 ideas or opportunities. And if you take the time to listen to what conversations take place around and within your business, you will quickly recognise that many of them are negative. And often self-serving and ego-focused. Potential will only be realised if the language of your business, your leaders and your people is correctly focused.

There are two sides to seeding and moulding ‘potential releasing’ language in your business. Firstly, stop and eliminate negativity and criticism. And then secondly, seed a language which uplifts and encourages. Honestly, the two cannot exist in the same room with each other.

Note this is not an exercise in ‘rose-coloured’ glasses where everything is wonderful. But as elite athletes know, you never reinforce poor technique or performance by focusing on it. You acknowledge that there is an improvement to be made and what that improvement looks like.

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So, create a language in your business that will encourage every single person to dig deep, discover and contribute their real potential. And watch your business deliver a level of performance you did not know existed.


An entirely new level of performance.

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Richard Shrapnel