Diversity & Unity — An Undefeatable Strength

Strength Through Unity

Traits Required For Unity

  • Acceptance of someone who thinks and acts differently to you and has different worldviews and values.
  • Non-judgement and non-dispute. There is no judgement of others, nor is there any place for arguing with them or disputing their ways.
  • There are no exclusion or inclusion practices where you can only belong if you are like us.
  • Humility is a hallmark of good character and reflects a willingness to listen to others.
  • Having to be right is not necessary.
  • There is a sensitivity to the beliefs of others, and you are conscious not to act in a way that might offend.
  • How you treat others is always at the forefront of your thinking.
  • You accept limitations on your personal actions and freedoms so as to not negatively impact others.

Foundations Of Unity

  • Purpose: every business exists for purpose, and that purpose should be crafted around the customer and their needs.
  • Motive: every business has an underlying motive that encourages participation and contribution and supports its purpose. That motive should be one of competing against yourself to bring forth the greatest potential that exists in the business.
  • A compelling vision can form the quest that entices everyone in and forward, and
  • Of course, culture is the business’s personality, which should reflect the above traits and be one of acceptance of others.



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