Create A Life Of Enduring Success — It Is Possible.

It’s that time of the year again during which most people tend to draw a line — the year past and the year to come — and think about what has happened in their lives. Successes, failures, regrets and tasks simply not attempted, they all float in and out of our thoughts.

What we tend not to reflect on is who we have become as a person.

But who we are, sets the floor and ceiling of what we can and will achieve. We can all live incredible lives of enduring success. It requires that we focus on growing who we are and once that is built, then the outcomes will flow naturally.

For 2019, focus on the ‘who’.

No catches, simply an opportunity for me to support others and for you to support yourself. This offer is open until 14 January 2019.

To download click on the link below, select the digital version, checkout and use the promo code shown below:

‘Achieve — Creating A Life Of Enduring Success’

Promo code: achieve2019

Please see below for details of what you will receive.

About ‘Achieve — Creating A Life Of Enduring Success’

Do you want to achieve goals in your life that you never thought possible? Achieve will allow you to recognise and remove barriers and embrace the catalysts to success. It will change the way you think about success through an approach that empowers you and will reveal the secrets of the Achiever Trait — the DNA of highly successful people.

Achieve not only provides the theory but also the roadmap and a personal workbook to help you craft your life of enduring success.

Achieve is for anyone who wants a life of enduring success by building the muscles — the traits and skills — that will allow them to be an achiever, a person who can set the right goals and deliver on them.

Here’s the Preface from Achieve:

Success is the fuel of life, but it does not come through chance. It’s earned through hard work.

It’s your reward for the thought and effort you put in. It takes wisdom to set the right goals for you as an individual and to not be led by others, marketing hype, popular beliefs or societal pressure.

It often requires courage to take that first step, and each step thereafter, building a powerful momentum.

And it always requires strength to endure through the inevitable challenges and obstacles until your goal is won.

But if you persevere, you can craft a life of enduring success. A life in which you do not just have one or two great successes, but ongoing achievements in all aspects of your life.

A life in which you continually grow and build from one success to another, in a never- ending journey of fulfilment. A life in which you will develop the Achiever Trait, which will become the DNA of who you are and will define you as a person. A person who can get things done and has a life many others can only dream about.

What You Will Receive

Digital version — immediate download and print your own copy.

A 116-page full-colour guide in PDF format, which you can immediately download to start your journey without a pause.

You will receive both a printable full-colour edition and a black and white edition. We recommend using the colour edition on your digital device and printing the black and white edition.

This is a single user licence for one digital copy and one printed copy.

In addition, you will also gain membership to the Entrepreneurs+ Community and receive a weekly subscription to ‘Compete Weekly’, an e-newsletter that provides unique insights on strategy, growth, competitiveness and leadership. It will teach you how to make your business competitively fit and take its performance to an entirely new level. If not for you then simply unsubscribe.

If you want to generate an unstoppable energy in your life and throughout your business, if you want to achieve a life of enduring happiness for yourself, then begin today. It is possible and it can be yours. Download Achieve and start the journey now.

‘Achieve — Creating A Life Of Enduring Success’

Promo code: achieve2019

Want to become a part of the Entrepreneurs+ Community and learn how to make your business competitively fit? Join now.

All the best in the success of your business,

Richard Shrapnel



Business Strategist, Writer, Speaker

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