Collaborate Or Create — It’s Your Choice

Creativity is a key competitive trait for any business and leadership’s challenge is to discover the ways in which their business can be creative. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to creativity but there is a right way to seed it.

Many Options

The underlying capability that businesses must nurture for growth is creativity. That is, the ability to move beyond just following everyone else in the marketplace. And instead, lead the marketplace with new ideas and enhancing customer value every step of the way.

Creativity Seeding Growth

‘Real Growth’ Model by Richard Shrapnel

As your capability as a business passes through each growth phase, so too must your ability to create, innovate and step out from your competitors.

What Type Of Business Are You Building?

The type of business you build will determine the level of creativity that you allow to exist within your business.

Who In Your Business Is Creative?

Creativity requires a passion for learning, exploring and a humility, which allows open thinking. These are traits held by individuals, not teams.

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