Building The Right Competencies To Win

Finding that sweet spot where what you do best as a business intersects with client needs is critical if your business is to be successful. But client needs are never static and, therefore, your capabilities as a business must always be evolving.

Knowing what your business can do well and what it cannot guides your competitive effort. It informs what directions to move in, what competencies to build, and which capabilities to strengthen.

As today and tomorrow’s leaders, you must land on an agreed view of what you truly know and acknowledge are your business’s competencies and capabilities, if you are to compete effectively.

Client needs are always changing and, therefore, ‘what you excel at’ as a business must also be evolving so that you are able to continually deliver winning client value. In fact, you don’t want to be chasing others in your chosen market but rather be the leaders. The ones who are setting the next level of customer value and to which others look to. To do this, competencies and capabilities must always be growing and compounding.

The challenge in family businesses, and in succession, can be allowing the new generation of leaders to develop a new set of competencies and capabilities for the next generation of businesses.

As a business leader, absolute clarity on what your business excels at, how to take that to another level and why that will deliver the next level of customer value is a must.

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