As An Organisation, What Is Your Motive?

Dr Richard Shrapnel PhD
2 min readJun 4, 2024


Photography By Josh Withers On

Motive is what gets us out of bed each and every morning and into work. The strength of your motive fuels your willpower and ignites your passion and creativity. As an organisation, you strongly influence the motive of each and every person who works within and with your business.

Money is probably the weakest element of motive and only draws in attendance at the office with minimal contribution. A feeling of community and working with people who I like, is a much stronger but still not universal and doesn’t necessary inspire contribution. A profit-first motive (achieving budgets, reducing costs etc.) set by an Organisation is a motive that likely inspires only a few and it is better described as greed.

A motive that is more likely to draw out the real potential of each and every person is one founded in a purpose of meeting community/customer needs and striving to improve the value delivered each and every day. It can become a purpose that inspires and ignites contribution if allowed.

Does your Organisation live a real purpose in which everyone may take a pride? A real purpose provides a window to endless opportunities for growth and is focused on community/customer need.

There are right and wrong motives. The right motive magnifies and compounds the real potential that resides within every person whereas the wrong motive will only disperse and neutralise that potential. Chasing profit is the wrong motive. Releasing potential that drives competitiveness is the right motive and from which greater profits, as one of the outcomes, will be earned.

The Practice of Non-Greed in Business through its competitive engine will unleash potential and give life to purpose.

If you were to ask all those working within and with your business, why they come to work every day what do you think will be their answers? And what might that reveal about the motive that permeates your Organisation?

Here is a short video clip that begins to explore motive: